Mission Statement

You-Can wants to bring to the housing market a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable, high-quality housing solution, with a special interest for countries facing housing backlogs.  Improvement of living standards, cost- and energy efficient housing, job creation and training-on-the-job will be key elements in the implementation of the You-Can housing concept.

The special features of the system make way for a swift, straightforward and flexible construction of You-Can houses in the areas most in need. Widely available non-skilled labour can be deployed on a large scale in the construction process of You-Can houses. Training-on-the-job will be provided to deploy large groups of people, men and women alike. This means the You-Can Building System provides a real contribution to job creation, especially for currently unemployed people.


To realise the introduction of the You-Can Building System, we want to create a sound operational base in the Cape Town area, South Africa first. The You-Can Industrial Park will double as production and training facility and will provide housing for staff and future licence holders. This will enable a successful introduction of the You-Can Building System in South Africa and in other countries following.

To start up, financing needs to be secured, to establish the first production unit. After the first production unit is running completely trouble free, the further deployment of production units in South Africa can start.

Expanding the market share of You-Can Building System in Southern Africa and introducing the system abroad can be realised along the following lines:

– Setting up a national business framework in South Africa, by establishing in each province a large production unit in the next seven years. You-Can System House will be a shareholder in these production units and they will work under a licence contract;

– Further expansion of the production in South Africa will be realised through the large production units, by the deployment of mobile production units in each province, if and when required. These will produce blocks and beams, all other elements will be supplied from the large production unit.

– Introducing the You Can Building System in designated other African countries and countries overseas by setting up an international business framework.

Through licence contracts, licence fees and royalties will flow from the production units, via You-Can System House through to You-Can Holding.