The You-Can Building System

The You-Can Building System constitutes a complete Housing-Kit System. It is based on a unique fast stacking modular block system of pre-shaped, lightweight concrete blocks, utilising the specific qualities of Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC), such as insulation, strength of structure and durability.
The pre-shaped light-weight building blocks and elements form an integral part of a modular design and do not require any plastering, cutting, shaving, levelling, spacing or aligning. Due to the unique interlocking features of the blocks on all four sides, the blocks are always correctly positioned (less than 1mm tolerance), completely sealed and smoothly finished.

Window- and doorframes, as well as the roof structure have an almost seamless fit with the block structure. Moreover, allowances have been made in the blocks for piping and wiring. The window- and doorframes will be produced under licence of MG Innovations/ Betcrete, a You-Can partner with a leading position in the market of aluminium and polymer frames. 

The system has been designed to combine an affordable house and a simple and straightforward construction process, with a housing concept that is characterised by strength of structure, durability, low maintenance requirements and high aesthetic and environmental standards.

Considerable cost savings are realised in the production process of the building elements, as well as during the construction process as compared to conventional building techniques. The whole set of complex tasks that normally has to be performed on the construction site is pre-empted by the intelligent design of the light-weight building elements, cutting out the need for skilled labour and heavy lifting to a large extent. This makes the construction of the You-Can houses very suitable for women.

Moreover, complete building-kits for houses, school buildings, clinics or other utility buildings can be readily delivered to all areas by road transport. This is in particular of great relevance to the traditional trust areas and rural areas, where at the moment sand, cement and bricks have to be transported to the site. With the You-Can system a turn-key housing kit can be delivered at once to the construction site, thereby saving a lot of money and realising huge gains on time and efficiency.

The You-Can Building System is SABS-approved (South African Bureau of Standards) and complies with all structural test – and rain penetration requirements. All technical details and design features of the You-Can Building System as well as the SABS-test results are available on request.

In Montagu, a show house was erected more than 20 years ago. It is a good example of the You-Can housing concept.  We have recently up-graded the show house to reflect the much higher quality of the actual You-Can houses. We do include the old version of the You-Can showhouse, however. It is testament to the strong quality and immense strength of structure, as can be inferred from this picture of the You-Can show house 20 years later.

Within the You-Can Building System, a wide range of models can be built. Moreover, choices can be made in luxury standard, size and flexibility of concept. On the left, some possible models of You-Can houses are shown.

There is a growing market for ‘natural’ houses in South Africa. This links up very well with the You-Can housing concept. The blocks are of such quality that no plastering or painting is required. The insulation qualities of the blocks render it very suitable to be used for such ‘natural’ houses.

These houses require very little maintenance and are very cost-effective. At the same time, the houses can easily be up-graded to give it a smooth and more luxurious quality and status. Furthermore, it is very easy to expand the house in a later stadium or to further upgrade sections of the house.

Besides and along with the You-Can Building System, the You-Can Fencing System is a separate product that can readily be introduced into the market. There is a great demand for security fencing around new town developments in Southern Africa.

The You-Can Fencing System only requires the (extra) production of columns in addition to the block elements that are being used for houses. The same technique can be applied to produce retaining walls and soundproof walls. The production of these products fits in very well in the production process of the housing blocks.